The 2G is a radical bicycle equipped with 2 parallel gears, an incredibly compact frame and a changeless fixie/freewheel hub. The 2G has dual cranksets on the chainstays strategically engineered close to the rear wheel hub.

Thanks to the impossible short frame and chainstays, the 2G is an exceptionally manoeuvrable and responsive bicycle. It also takes less storage space and it is simply just a fun bike to ride!

Moreover, the 2G rear wheel hub can be switched from a freewheel type to fixed gear and vice versa without dismounting the wheel. Riders only have to adjust the double sided hub and go.

The 2G integrates “patent pending” technology that can be integrated into various bicycle disciplines which require short frames, fixie or freewheel hub, short chainstays and/or responsive cranksets such as triathlon, track, FGFS...

and trial bicycles.

The 2G is made of Chromoly steel and utilizes high quality components. The current red and black version has the basic geometry of a 20 inch BMX bicycle but in a shorter frame. The total weight is comparable to that of similar size bikes. While it utilizes an additional chainring and sprocket, the top and down tubes are shorter than those of conventional bicycles. The 2G’s chains are half the length of one standard size chain and the dual bottom brackets are narrower than a conventional bottom bracket.

The 2G BIKE is an ongoing project spearheaded by amateur innovator Tony Zuñiga which has been made possible with the professional assistance and support of collaborators and friends who live and work in BC’s beautiful Fraser Valley.

We are currently looking at strategic partnerships to bring the 2G to market. If you would like more business information write or email us at:
2G Bike
PO Box 1039
Vedder Crossing PO
Chilliwack, BC
Canada V2R 3N7.

During market production, we hope to offer the 2G as follows*:
Fixie 2G $ 399
Freewheel 2G $ 499
Changeless fixie/freewheel 2G $ 699

* prices may be subject to change depending on market conditions and manufacturing factors; prices do not include taxes or shipping.
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Contact Us

If you would like to be among the first ones to own a 2G and to receive updates, send us your contact info below. We plan to ship the 2G worldwide and to offer different colour options.


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